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The Lifestyle Pod. Hosted by Samantha Renke and Sophie-Marie Odum plus car chat with Matt Lizzimore.

The Lifestyle Pod is going international with British Airways

Thursday, 30 May 2024

In a major win for Lifestyle Magazine and the disability community, the Lifestyle Pod vodcast, will be available onboard British Airways’ (BA) High Life Entertainment from June 2024.

The videos feature British Sign Language (BSL) and captions, ensuring accessibility, and will be seen by 100,000s of travellers.

What is the Lifestyle Pod?

The Lifestyle Pod is a podcast series from the team behind our award-winning Lifestyle magazine.

Hosts Sophie-Marie Odum and Samantha Renke, disability rights campaigner, explore what it means to live your best life while navigating a disabling world.

Plus, there’s entertaining, all-you-need-to-know car chat from Lifestyle Drive editor Matt Lizzimore.

The vodcast is the video equivalent of the audio podcast.

“We look forward to many more people enjoying the Pod”

Lifestyle editor, Sophie-Marie Odum, says: “While the podcast is for everyone, we hope the disabled community feel represented while travelling.

“As far as we’re aware, BA is the first airline to have an accessible vodcast onboard. We look forward to many more people enjoying the Pod.”

What can you expect in Series One?

Series One guests featured many well-known names within the disability community, such as comedian and model Fats Timbo; former royal marines commando Mark Ormrod and Motability Foundation Governor, Dr Hannah Barham-Brown.

Topics include dating with a disability, remaining positive through adversity and accessible electric vehicle charging for all.

Tune in via your preferred format

If you’re flying with BA and catch the Pod onboard, please share your pictures with us on Instagram: @Motability_Lifestyle_Magazine.

And if you’re not travelling, you can still catch the series on Youtube or as audio on all major streaming platforms.

For the full transcripts and to watch the latest episode of the Lifestyle Pod, visit the Lifestyle Pod website.

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