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Allison is in a yellow outfit, sitting in  the driving seat of her specially adapted car, with her hand on the wheel

Grants for Cars and Vehicle Adaptations

Do you need support to afford the Advance Payment on a Motability Scheme vehicle and the necessary adaptations you need for it?

What we offer

Through our Cars and Vehicle Adaptations Grants, we currently focus help towards:

  • Advance Payments towards a Motability Scheme car and any adaptations or vehicle manufacturer options necessary to use it
  • Adaptations needed mid-lease for a Scheme vehicle, due to a change in your circumstances. For example, your mobility may have changed and you now need different adaptations so you can drive comfortably and safely.

Our expert Case Managers and Driving Advisors will need to ask for information about your mobility needs to ensure the vehicle and adaptations we fund are right for you.

Where applying for financial help with an Advance Payment, your grant award letter will include a list of suitable vehicles or vehicle categories that we are prepared to fund.

Who can apply for a Cars and Vehicle Adaptations Grant?

We are prioritising grants from this programme to people who:

  • Would like to join the Motability Scheme but cannot afford the Advance Payment of the vehicle and/ adaptations needed; or
  • Have a current lease agreement on the Motability Scheme which is ending and cannot afford the advance payment for their next Scheme vehicle and adaptations that they need.

What we consider

All grant applications are means-tested to ensure we support those most in need of financial help and so that we can help as many people as possible with the charitable funds available.

We will look at your financial situation, including household income and savings, and if we believe you are able to afford to make a contribution towards the vehicle yourself, we may make this a condition of your grant award.

We are not able to award a grant if you have already ordered your vehicle.

This is because when you place an application for a grant, our Case Managers will consider your individual circumstances and confirm which vehicles the charity is prepared to fund based on your mobility needs, not wants.

Grants are awarded in line with our policies and following thorough consideration of the information submitted in the application. All grant awards are final, except in cases where additional compelling information is provided. Applications that we consider do not meet our funding priorities will not receive grant funding.

To be considered for a grant from the Cars and Vehicle Adaptations Grant Programme, contact us on 0800 500 3186 and keep your National Insurance number at hand. Children aged 3-15 years old have their National Insurance number or reference number at the top of their Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance award letter.

We will discuss what you need and if we think we can help, we will send you an application form (digital and paper versions available). You may speak with one of our business partners first, as there may be alternative options available to you.

We are experiencing unprecedented demand and we are working hard to process applications as quickly as possible. Once your application has been received, there may be a delay before a dedicated case manager is able to contact you to discuss it. You can help us by providing all of the information requested when the application was sent to you, and by only contacting us if a member of the team has been in touch. Please note that you cannot place an order for a vehicle until you have received your grant decision.

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