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Changes to how we prioritise grant applications

Tuesday, 22 November 2022

At Motability, we are changing the way we review applications for our charitable grants.

We are prioritising applicants who do not currently have a vehicle and who, without a Motability Scheme vehicle, would experience a significant impact on their everyday lives.

What is the situation?

There is a global shortage of vehicles due to a lack of semi-conductor chips, the rising costs of raw materials, and the war in Ukraine.

These factors are severely affecting the cost and availability of vehicles on the Motability Scheme.

Along with the cost of living crisis, Scheme customers are finding that vehicles - which were within their means previously - are now costing more than they are able to afford.

This has resulted in a 75% increase in the average number of applications for our Scheme-related Grant Programme sent out per day compared to this time last year. 

We, along with Motability Operations, are working hard to minimise the impact this is all having on Scheme customers but much of this is outside our control.

If you do not currently have a vehicle

So that we can continue to help as many people as we can, we are having to change the way in which we review grant applications.

If you do not currently have a vehicle, you should receive a decision on whether your grant application is successful within ten weeks, likely sooner.

If you already have a vehicle

For applicants who already have a vehicle, unfortunately there will be a delay before a dedicated case manager is able to review the application.

Based on current volumes and breakdown of applications, we estimate that this could take anything up to four to six months.

We know that this timescale is likely to be disappointing to many of you - it is for us too - and we are doing everything possible to reduce it.

If your vehicle has already been ordered or delivered

Please be aware that grant applications cannot be accepted if an order for a vehicle has already been made or the vehicle has been delivered.

If you have placed an order, you will need to cancel it before your application will be considered.

More information

You can help us by providing all of the information requested when the application was sent to you, and by only contacting us if a member of the team has tried to contact you.

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