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New active travel grant for adaptive cycle loan scheme in London

Friday, 10 May 2024

We are excited to award Sustrans and partners, Wheels for Wellbeing, and Peddle My Wheels, funding to create Wheels4MeLondonPLUS - a free cycle loan scheme for disabled people in London.

Why are we funding this project?

Through their research, Sustrans found that by increasing access and training for adaptive cycles across London they can work towards creating fully inclusive cycle hire.

Sustrans’ latest Walking and Cycling Index found that 27% of disabled people do not cycle but would like to. 25% of all people surveyed said access to an adapted cycle like a tricycle or a handcycle would help them cycle more.

The Disabled Citizens’ Inquiry (a partnership between Sustrans and Transport for All, funded by the Motability Foundation) found that 86% of disabled people across the UK would find it useful for them to walk or wheel more if everyone who requires a mobility aid had financial support and advice to access one to meet their needs.

Wheels4MeLondonPLUS project

The Wheels4MeLondonPLUS project, will enable more disabled people to be able to take advantage of the wellbeing and physical health benefits of cycling.

The scheme will offer:

  • a free, month long, accessible cycle loans for people across London,
  • free delivery,
  • a training session,
  • insurance against theft or damage,
  • and cycle collection when finished.

Wheels4MeLondonPLUS scheme’s inclusive cycle training will be tailored to meet specific needs - increasing travel safety and confidence when cycling in the capital.

To ensure that participants receive the right services and cycles, Wheels for Wellbeing can provide consultation sessions to provide essential support and guidance.

“Accessible cycle loan schemes are possible, practical, and much needed”

Alison Litherland, Head of Behaviour Change and Engagement, London, Sustrans, said: “Everyone should have the right to walk or wheel around their neighbourhoods with ease, independence and confidence.

“We are proud to be working with Wheels for Wellbeing and Peddle My Wheels on the Wheels4MeLondonPLUS project as these organisations are experts in increasing opportunities to access cycling in London.

“Our 2.5-year project, funded by the Motability Foundation, will increase cycling capacity for disabled people and will provide long-term motivation for changing travel behaviours.

“Increasing access to adapted cycles and tailored training across London will show that accessible cycle loan schemes are possible, practical, and much needed.

“We are excited to raise awareness around what is possible and inform best practice on how cycle hire can be fully inclusive.”

“Greater access to travel”

Lisa Jones, Director of Charitable Operations at the Motability Foundation, said:

“We’re delighted to award Sustrans, in partnership with Wheels for Wellbeing and Peddle My Wheels with this grant to launch Wheels4MeLondonPLUS, an adaptive cycle loan scheme for disabled people in London.

“The project will give disabled people in London greater access to travel and offer the opportunity to enjoy the physical and mental health benefits that active travel can provide.

“Awarding grants to established and local organisations like these helps us to make an immediate difference to the transport needs of disabled people.”

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To learn more about Wheels4MeLondonPLUS, or if you would like to meet the team in person, they have a stall at Ride London 2024 on Sunday 26 May.

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