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CamSight vehicle with four women in front smiling.

New community transport grant awarded to CamSight

Wednesday, 05 June 2024

We’re thrilled to have awarded CamSight a Community Transport Grant totalling £152,484.

Why are we funding this project?

CamSight will be using the funding to allow their charity to offer double the number of journeys for blind and partially sighted people in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, over the next three years.

CamSight project  

The grant has been used to secure two electric vehicles (EVs) for three years to improve transport options available to blind and partially sighted people in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.  

The EVs will provide environmental benefits while improving independence, wellbeing, and social inclusion.

“A high quality service”

Sara Fleming, Head of Business Development for CamSight, said: “We were thrilled when we found out we had been awarded a Community Transport Grant from the Motability Foundation, meaning we can develop and improve our community transport for our clients.

“Our commitment is always to provide a high-quality service to our service users, making sure we can help as many individuals to get to and from the appointments or services they need to access, as well as the Peer Support Groups and other activities we organise.

“Thank you, Motability Foundation, for helping CamSight to continue developing our services to best serve our community.” 

“A lifeline to passengers”

Lisa Jones, our Director of Charitable Operations, said: “We’re delighted to award CamSight with this grant to expand transport services for blind and partially sighted people in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

“This transport can be a lifeline to passengers, by supporting independent living, reducing isolation, and improving access to services.

“Awarding grants to important local organisations like CamSight helps us to make an immediate difference to the transport needs of disabled people.”

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