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Motability Foundation endorses two EV charge point assessment schemes

Monday, 16 October 2023

We are giving our endorsement to assessment schemes run by AccessAble and BSI Assurance UK which check that public electric vehicle (EV) charge points are accessible to disabled people.

Our endorsement confirms that the assessment scheme is checking that public chargepoints conform with the PAS 1899 accessible charging standard. It is part of our work to ensure that disabled people can charge their EV in public places and are not left behind in the transition to EVs.

What is an assessment scheme, and why are we endorsing it?

The PAS 1899 standard, published in October 2022, provides industry with a clear specification for making charge points accessible.

It was co-sponsored by the Motability Foundation and the UK Government Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), following research which found that disabled people can face a range of barriers when using EV public chargepoints.

The assessment schemes run by BSI Assurance UK and AccessAble will give chargepoint providers and manufacturers a way of checking that their public charge points conform with the PAS 1899 accessible charging standard - and are therefore accessible to disabled people.

Results from assessments will be made freely available online, so that disabled people can make informed decisions about where to charge their EV.

Why did we choose to endorse AccessAble and BSI Assurance UK?

Organisations that could provide an assessment scheme were invited to take part in an application process, during which they were required to provide details of how they would check for the core accessibility standards set in PAS 1899.

After evaluating all applications received, our selection panel reached the decision to award both AccessAble and BSI Assurance with its endorsement.

Further details on the services each scheme will offer will be made available in the coming weeks.

“Increase the number of accessible chargepoints, supporting disabled people with the transition to EVs”

Barry Le Grys, Chief Executive of the Motability Foundation said: “After an extensive application process we’re delighted to be awarding AccessAble and BSI Assurance with our endorsement for their accessible EV charging assessment schemes.

“We know from our engagement with industry that providers and manufacturers are keen to have a way of checking if their chargepoints conform with the PAS 1899 standard.

“We also want disabled people to be able to easily locate accessible public chargepoints so they can make the journeys they choose in electric vehicles.

“These Motability Foundation endorsed schemes will provide that service, and we know that both AccessAble and BSI Assurance have the expertise and knowledge to provide a robust and fair assessment process.

“Engaging with an assessment scheme will allow providers of public EV charging to demonstrate their commitment to accessibility.

“It will also help to increase the number of accessible chargepoints, supporting disabled people with the transition to EVs.”

“We are delighted to be given Motability Foundation endorsement”

David Livermore, Director of Business Development at AccessAble, said, “We are delighted to be given Motability Foundation endorsement for our accessible EV charging assessment scheme.

“AccessAble has been established for over 23 years and we have surveyed more than 125,000 different spaces.

“With a team of almost 50 surveyors and access consultants employed full time and based across the country, we are excited to get started!

“Our programme will not only provide specific insight and advice for operators in meeting PAS 1899, but will also provide them with an online Detailed Access Guide to promote the accessibility of their chargers that can then be used to plan trips and everyday activity by the 5 million + disabled people currently using AccessAble.”

“BSI is delighted to partner with the Motability Foundation”

Matt Page, Managing Director UK & Ireland, Assurance at BSI said: “Encouraging a greater uptake of electric vehicles by ensuring they are accessible is key to helping drive the transition to a net-zero economy.

“BSI is delighted to partner with the Motability Foundation and for them to endorse our Accessible EV Charger Kitemark scheme.

“This scheme ensures certified chargers are both accessible and safe.

“Building on the introduction last year of PAS 1889, this offers the opportunity to ensure that charging point providers and manufacturers continue to improve accessibility for all.

“This can help guarantee the transition to an electric vehicle society is one that is inclusive, and ultimately accelerates progress towards a sustainable world.”

Next steps

The initial contract for our endorsement is for one year, with the possibility of an extension of up to two years following an annual review.

We will provide a further opportunity for organisations to apply for its endorsement in autumn 2024.

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