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New grant awarded to Green Community Travel

Tuesday, 19 September 2023

We have awarded our latest grant to Green Community Travel (GCT) in South Gloucestershire.

£220,000 grant to make more journeys happen

Green Community Travel have received £220,000 to purchase three new accessible minibuses – including an electric vehicle.

The charity are keen to help even more disabled people across South Gloucestershire make more journeys. The new buses will reduce maintenance costs and help take some of their older buses off their fleet. They will also provide a more comfortable and flexible ride for their passengers.

"Once in a lifetime opportunity."

GCT’s manager, Jenny Bright, described this grant as a “once in a lifetime opportunity.” She says: “The difference that these new vehicles will make to our organisation will be very long lasting.

“The funds have also supported some advertising, training for our volunteers as well as some volunteer events to try to recruit some more amazing volunteers to join our team.

“We can tell them that they’ll have some much nicer vehicles to drive too! The improved flexibility of seating of these minibuses will also mean we can do even more for those passengers that use us that consider themselves disabled.”

"A lifeline."

Lisa Jones, Director of Charitable Operations at the Motability Foundation, said: “We’re delighted to award Green Community Travel with this grant to support with new buses for their community transport service, so that disabled people in South Gloucestershire have greater access to travel.

“For many disabled people, transport can be a challenge, so having access to a service like this can be a lifeline. Awarding grants to experienced community transport organisations, like Green Community Travel, helps disabled people make the journeys they choose.

We wish the dedicated team of volunteers, who work closely with individuals, all the best!”

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