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New grant awarded to My Life My Choice

Friday, 06 October 2023

We are excited to share that we have awarded our latest grant to charity My Life My Choice (MLMC).

My Life My Choice’s Travel Buddy Project

The £245,908 grant will allow MLMC’s Travel Buddy project to grow and flourish for a further three years.

The Travel Buddy Trainers with a learning disability are employed to support their peers to build up their skills and confidence so that they can travel independently on public transport or by foot.

What are the benefits of the project?

  • Increases independence of people with a learning disability: members can travel without having to rely on family or support staff.
  • Increases wellbeing: members can access more activities and opportunities within the community.
  • Saves money and the environment: learning to travel independently on public transport and by foot reduces the environmental and financial costs of using cars and taxis.
  • Provides a paid work opportunity: Travel Buddy trainers are paid the Oxford Living Wage and learn valuable skills.

“Delighted to award My Life My Choice with this grant”

Lisa Jones, Motability Foundation Director of Charitable Operations, said: “We’re delighted to award My Life My Choice with this grant to run their peer-to-peer travel training programme.

“The Travel Buddy Scheme enables people with learning disabilities to become Travel Buddy trainers, who support their peers in building the skills and confidence to travel independently on public transport or by walking.

“I had the pleasure of using the Travel Buddy Scheme recently and saw first-hand how beneficial the programme is to both trainers and trainees!

“Awarding grants to experienced organisations like My Life My Choice Up, who help disabled people make the journeys they choose, is the reason we launched our impact grants programme supporting other charities and organisations.”

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For more information on the Travel Buddy Project, please visit.

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